Diseño de la ciudad #1O9

Parada de autobús en Palafolls by MiAS Architects

Conarquitectura #69

Casal Trinitat Nova by Cantallops/Vicente + Bayona/Valero


AV Monografías #2O7 Batlle i Roig [front cover]

Vallmora Park + Roques Blanques Cementary + Environmental Recovery of the Llobregat River

Diseño de la Ciudad #1O8

Cycling and pedestrian connection between Barcelona & Espulgues de Llobregat by Batlle i Roig

Arhitext 6th Issue

Scenic Path Along the Former Gypsum Mines by Batlle i Roig


el Periódico

“Passages, Transitional Spaces for the 21st Century City” exhibition at MUHBA Oliva Artés

On Diseño #371/372

Restoration of Joan Oliver Park by DATAAE

MoMoWo 1OO works in 1OO years

“2 Architects in 1 Apartment” series

My photographs have also been published online at Afasia Archzine, Amallective, ArchDaily, DETAIL, Divisaire…